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Gatwick Airport Parking Off and On Services From Airportessentials
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Gatwick Airport Parking

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In total the traveller deciding to fly from Gatwick has an alternative of over thirty different parking facilities, and these offer a range of resolutions to fit any specific needs, preferences and pockets. The first choice, and the one which will need least preparation or planning, is parking your car at the airport without any prior reservation arrangement in place.

This is referred to as either the airport drive on cost of airport gate price, and will be preferably expensive compared to the wide range of bookable facilities which could be arranged before you even leave home or the office.

With airports, including Gatwick, continually expanding, the available land for furnishing parking near Gatwick is becoming progressively under pressure, and with space a premium, prices have ascended to reflect this. As far as general Gatwick Airport parking provision is concerned, you've a option between three primary facilities: off-airport parking, on-airport parking and a 'Meet and Greet' service.

The off-airport services, which include APH Gatwick, Courtlands and Cophall Farm, are dependable compound areas which render a level of security measures that's significantly higher than those found within the airport itself. Usually you'll be expected to leave your keys at reception, and your car will then be parked for you.

 This allows for peace of mind in terms of security measures and convenience, simply with a greater distance to the airport itself, this is possibly to a lesser extent convenient if you've a large quantity of luggage.

On-airport parking includes the Summer Special facility, NCP Flightpath and Parking Express South. These facilities are quite large, and when you arrive you'll be given a designated area in which to park. It's wise to make a note of this area in order to help locate the car at the end of your trip. You'll need to park your car yourself, and then use a transfer coach to the airport terminal itself.

 A very effective tip is to drop off family and luggage at one of these bus stops, and to then park the car.  The Meet and Greet services available take parking your car at Gatwick Airport to a new level of comfortableness, convenience and peace of mind. These services reflect a growing demand amongst both business concern passengers and holidaymakers for a service which delivers uttermost convenience.

The Meteor Meet and Greet and Cophall Farm are just two illustrations of this service, and in all cases you'll just need to drive directly to the terminal, and hand the keys over to a driver who will park your car for you. At the end of the trip the driver will return your car directly to the terminal again.

These Gatwick airport parking services come at a cost which is higher than the standard services, but whenever you've a great deal of luggage, or are in a hurry, have young children or find the whole experience of airports quite nerve-racking, then they're certainly worth every penny. More on this service later.

It's worth being aware that a growing number of car parks at Gatwick are charging for a minimum of three days' parking. If you're only leaving for a day or two you may find it cheaper to use the long stay car park which is closest to the terminal itself.
The long term car park facilities are best booked beforehand in order to make substantial cost savings. During the summer months the airport is, quite naturally, a great deal busier than during the winter, and utilising the long term car park or a Meet and Greet or Valet service is beneficial.

The short stay car park prices, for both Gatwick North and South Terminals, vary from £1 for the first 15 minutes to £8.80 for 3-4 hours. Between 18-24 hours expect to pay £17.90, with a charge of £21 for every additional 24 hours.

There's also an alternative called the fast track parking facility which is valuable if you're in a hurry. This is a more expensive alternative, but highly valuable if you're late or merely need to reach the terminal quickly. Expect to pay £14.60 for a stay of up to 3 hours, and £22.40 for a stay of up to 12 hours. Each 24 hour period after the first day is charged at £27.80.

Understandably these prices reflect the need to consider pre-booking your parking, and this can easily be done online. If you're spending time looking at online booking facilities for car parking at Gatwick Airport, you might be interested to review the Meet and Greet services, sometimes referred to as either Valet Parking or Chauffeured Parking.

Imagine arriving directly outside the terminal, and being met by a driver who will help you with your luggage, then drive your car to a secure compound. If you are parking near Gatwick, you generally don't have to pre-book.

After your trip, your driver will meet you, with your car, directly outside the terminal again, and will assist you with any luggage. If you travel very frequently, are in a hurry, have children, elderly passengers of anyone with any form of disability, having a lot of luggage or simply want to be pampered right from the start, this is certainly one of the finest Gatwick Airport parking services offered.

Searching for your car amongst seemingly endless car parks at the end of a holiday is not much fun, and at less than £80 for a week, it's well worth considering.

For more information on Gatwick parking and other services at Gatwick airport, visit Airport Essentials where useful information other UK airports is also available.

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